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How to Bleach Maong Jeans or Shorts

Today’s topic is about how to bleach your clothes or jeans. 

Remember this reconstructed shirt from my first blog?

Eventually, I got the color what I wanted. After bleaching it, it became like this

Going back, for instance, you want to bleach these maong shorts


into something like an ombre style of shorts like this:

Here’s what you need to do….
Things needed:
– Any bleach will do just don’t mix it with water. 
Spray Bottle 
Clothing (for me, I used maong shorts since I have to dye it into another color anyway.)
Bleaching is really easy. Here are three easy steps on how to bleach:

STEP 1: Spray your clothing with bleach

After a few minutes , your shorts will look like this
DON’T WASH IT OFF if you want it to have a lighter color.

STEP 2: Leave it to dry overnight but if you’re bleaching something like the reconstructed shirt, wash it immediately once it gets to the shade that you wanted.

STEP 3: Once it’s dry, the area where you applied the bleach on will look like this. 

Wash it thoroughly with running water then wash it with detergent. Then it’s done!

The good thing about it is you can dye it or even customize it by painting random designs on it and by just putting studs on the shorts.
Isn’t bleach amazing?

How’s your bleached clothing then?



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