Thrifted Inspirations: Comrade

After a week, I’m finally back with my new thrifted outfit. This is the third to the last and this is an f(x) Red Light inspired outfit but that doesn’t include my makeup because f(x) used dark eye makeup and I don’t use that on my look in order to match everything with the same makeup with all the looks on a one-day pictorial.

So here it goes,

TOP Camouflage Top

For my top, this is my favorite top which I bought from Sam’s Closet for 150 pesos. It actually has brand “Fifty Percent”. This top’s camouflage fabric is a soft denim type that makes it a little warm but very comfortable to wear.

BOTTOM High Waist Faux Leather Shorts

This is one of my oldest favorite stuff that I personally found for 35 pesos and it’s condition when I found this is perfect! No damages at all and above all, the shorts has its own lining.

LEGWEAR Fishnet Stockings

FOOTWEAR Black Studded Boots

These excellent black studded boots are from Chic Boxroom. It’s not actually mine, I just borrowed it from her to complete my look.

Even if we wear thrifted clothes or cheap but quality clothes, as long as it’s fashionable and if you have the will to wear it, you can nail these kind of looks!

So this is it for today and watch out for my next look. 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe and fan me and Lookbook and don’t forget to hype!

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