Thrifted Inspirations: Parental Advisory

Another thrifted outfit that was named after my mesh top “Parental Advisory” is one of my favorite looks that I’ve done so far. And definitely one of the cheapest outfits I’ve done

So for my breakdown of items, here it is! By the way, all the clothes that I’m wearing came from my favorite thrift shop, Chic Boxroom.

TOP 3/4 Mesh “Parental Advisory Explicit Content” Statement Top

I’m wearing this awesome mesh statement 3/4 sleeves from Chic Boxroom which was sold for 170 pesos only and believe it or not, that top is thrifted.

BOTTOM Red High Waist Shorts Over Fishnet Stockings

Same with my top, I bought this thrifted red highwaist shorts on sale from Chic Boxroom for 60 pesos and amazingly, the soft stretchy denim type of these shorts are amazing that it really has a great fit on me and it goes well with the fishnet stockings that I wore underneath it.

SHOES Doctor Martens Inspired White Combat Boots

This is exactly the same boots from my “Playful Bomber” look which I also bought from Chic Boxroom for 750.


This is also the same choker that I personally made. I also used it on my previous look “Jumper Prints” which is available at my shop for 60 pesos only.

So that’s it for today, are you guys enjoying my looks? Please don’t forget to subscribe and fan me on Lookbook as well as hype my looks too!
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