[LOOKBOOK] Fly in Plaids

When you start travelling, you will always find a way to go to your next target destinations. I can’t explain how much I love travelling but it’s been my thing since last year. I joined two of our BA Tours back when I was in college but that passion just came to me after my Cebu trip last year with my friend, Jam (she also took all the photos). 
Aside from going to Cebu, I was also able to travel to Boracay for some fresh air and then, I went straight to Manila just to watch GOT7’s Fameeting last November 14, 2015. That was a very awesome experience and one of the most memorable in my life, being able to watch your favorite K-POP idol group perform in front of you. After that, I went back to Cagayan de Oro City where I currently live for our K-POP event and later went home to my hometown for the Holidays. I’m just so happy that I’m able to come back safe from an 8-hour bus ride yesterday from my hometown, Davao City.
I’m talking about travel because this outfit is much related to my love for travel and K-POP, that’s why I look like I’m going somewhere and I’m quite addicted to plaids these days because of this Korean girl group called “TWICE” so basically that’s where the idea came from. By the way, some of my branded clothes aren’t brand new and I’m not that rich so some of them are second hands or what we often call “thrifted”. I’ll be linking the Davao online shops where I bought these set of clothes for my outfit.

Red-Black Plaids by Ralph Lauren
DIVIDED Tattered Denim Jumper by H&M 
Adidas Jeremy Scott
Red Beanie by FOREVER 21
White-Framed Sunglasses
Black Socks by H&M
For my top and bottom, I bought them from Ricil Gordillo and Chic Boxroom and the rest of those are either thrifted or bought from the store. I also posted other photos of my look below.
My 2015 was a blast because of my mini adventures at my young age and what I can simply say that
“We can always earn money in various ways 
but we can’t always earn memories,
we can’t fight off time,
we grow older everyday
so let’s live, love, laugh, pray, travel, do what you love and make memories
while we’re young
and in the end it will always be worth it.”

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Andrea Lee

Nice lookbook , looking forwrd to your next blogpost

Alixandrea Olarte

Thank you so much! 🙂