4MINUTE Hate Outfit Inspiration

Since 4MINUTE’s Crazy era, they have gathered a lot of fans nailing a fierce concept and for their latest comeback for HATE, they also got the hype for their unique music and choreography.

The song “hate” is all about having enough of a man’s lies and ending everything between them telling him that all that’s left of them is hate. There’s no reason for her to continue their relationship because of the lies he told her and it’s late for him to apologize.
She’d rather be free from him rather than she would suffer from their fights and because she had enough, she gave up and hated him for everything. He will always have a reason and will find a loophole by using words to escape from their lies. She got tried of the same excuses and she doesn’t want to fight anymore because she finds no meaning about their relationship, it’s annoying her. So she tells herself to wake up, don’t be blinded by love and if it’s going to be like this, they’d rather break up. She feels lonely being with him and she’d rather be lonely alone.

She finally gave up on him and doesn’t even care to find a solution to fix their problems. There’s full of hate yet she remembers how crazy they were for each other but she felt crazily fooled for being dragged along with his lies that were too much for her to handle.

For their wardrobe, I made another K-POP inspired look out of clothing and accessories from FOREVER 21. For the  footwear, I got it from the never ending trendy Timberland’s website. Check out the links below!





Check out the music video below to see more of 4MINUTE’s outfits for “HATE”.

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I would love if they did this "get their look" thing with the other outfits in the music video. I think Hyuna looks great in her outfit where she does her solo part of the song.

Alixandrea Olarte

Me too! 😀 I will try to do that soon. Thank you for the suggestion. 🙂


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