Get Ready For That Summer Trip With This Blue And Colorful Off Shoulder Dress! + Basic Accessorizing Tips


I guess summer is fast approaching and I think everyone’s ready to take a break from school. Where are you guys planning to spend your summer vacation? Boracay, Palawan, and even small resorts around your city is a good place already to relax after a stressful semester.

Checking out this great colorful blue dress from a website called “DRESS.PH“, it made me feel very excited that is perfect to wear for my out of town trip this summer. The dress looks great, comfortable and perfect for a stroll under the sun. I’ll be giving out some style tips on how to accessorize this type of dress without looking overdressed.

This dress gives you the illusion of wearing a separate top and skirt but it’s actually already made to be a dress that you can definitely wear and style easily. It shows off your shoulders and that’s a huge plus on your summer outfit. It also makes it cute, sassy and classy. It’s floral printed bottom is also very colorful and attractive and very appropriate for summer. Not only is this dress available in a blue and colorful combination but it also has a pink and colorful combo! Either way, both looks very wearable and very beautiful.


Moving on to the accessorizing part, here are a few of my style tips or how to accessorize this type of dress for summer that can also make your look stand out while wearing this colorful blue dress.

For the accessories, this look will stand out with these following points:

  • Layered Necklace – A gold trendy layered necklace will give you the best look for the dress rather than a choker or a necklace with a big pendant. They look more classy and they are way lighter and stylish.
  • Watch – Select a brown thin strapped watch to match it up with the dress. Brown straps would look the great because it best matches the earthly color of the dress.
  • Hat – floppy hats are the best when it comes to summer looks. They never go out of style and aside from being fashionable, it also protects you from heat. If you don’t wan’t to wear a hat, you can always go for braids.

For your footwear, Wear a pair of sparkly strappy sandals or a pair of white/nude colored chunkies to complete your summer look.

You can also wear bracelets and a pair of sunglasses for sun protection but it would also be great to expose your eyes for your simple but outstanding summer look.

The dress is available in these sizes: S M L XL XXL. Don’t worry about what it costs because it is currently on sale for PHP 610 (85% Off)! It originally costs PHP 3949 so this means you get to save PHP 3339! This is a pretty good deal considering that you get this beautiful dress lesser than what you expect it to be. You’re simply paying less than what it actually deserves to be priced at because it’s very versatile and lovely.

Payments can be made through PayPal which is very convenient and easy. ItÕs also guaranteed to be 100% safe! In just a matter of 3-5 days, you will instantly receive your item/s delivered through Express Shipping. If you want to get even bigger discounts, just subscribe to the website to get your free discount coupon codes. Scan through pages and pages of lovely other dresses and gowns by clicking on this LINK.


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Ann Catherine Actub

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Ann Catherine Actub

I love the colors, it actually looks like two pieces, it's so beautiful ^^