THE STREET EXPLORER + Just Star Multicolor Casual Small PU Backpack from StyleWe Review


Today’s another sunny day, perfect for a walk along the streets of Cagayan de Oro with my “Street Explorer” look. You can find a lot of stores, hotels, fast food chains, cafes, etc. around Divisoria but today I decided to take a walk on Velez Street to my usual destination for practices during a Saturday.


It’s just every day when I have to walk out of the doors of my house I always ask myself “What will I wear?”. So for this day, I decided to go with my usual fashion style. This is another inspirational casual street look from Chic Boxroom and StyleWe.
Check out what I wore below. There’s also a photo gallery at the end of the post. 

Here’s another set of items that I would wear casually for a walk.



This white mesh loose top is one of my unique finds at Chic Boxroom. I only bought this at 150 pesos. Chic Boxroom is one of my favorite online thrift shop based in Davao City.



My black leather looking tights or leggings are also from Chic Boxroom. I can’t remember the exact price because I bought it a year ago but I think it’s around 150-180 pesos.




These pair of white chunky sandals never failed me. I just saw this while I was strolling at the Roxas Night Market and bought it for a hundred. The Roxas Night Market in Davao City is very known for street foods and ukay-ukay stalls that are open every night.





For those who have been following me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I was gearing up for my Style We review. So I’m going to tell you the story behind my new favorite bag.


Someone from StyleWe contacted me and asked me to select something I want from their online shop at a certain price and I chose this bag. I will be reviewing the product itself and not the kind of service they render to their customers since I got mine for free.



Good quality at a reasonable price. Nice soft satchel material though I doubt whether the bag would last long if I always carry a lot of things inside.


Expensive. StyleWe is much more expensive than other online shops but it’s worth the quality. So if you’re going to shop there, then expect a $35 and above price range.

Likeness (on website photos compared to actual item)


There’s a slight difference but in a good way. On the website photos (the ones that I also used below), the white area on the bag looks really white on the photo but on the actual thing it’s off white or sort of creamy and the colors are darker which makes it look vintage.



Satisfying. As a fashion lover and a very picky person when it comes to fashion, the bag became one of my favorite items in my haul though I would love it more if it was a handbag or if the straps on the back area are removable. The size is just right for me but I can easily tell that it’s not a good bag for you if you have a lot of heavy books or notebooks to carry. There’s a pocket at the back of the bag and two inside with zippers and two without. You can also chain up your wallet to the bag so it won’t get lost. It also has designer marks embossed on the zippers and other areas that makes it an authentic designer item.



I’m going to skip on this but if you are a blogger and you get an e-mail from them then it’s a good opportunity.



Very fast. It was shipped via DHL and it took about 10-15 business days to deliver the item to my house in Cagayan de Oro. A lot of people have been me if I also paid for tax. Answer is no. I thought I was going to pay a certain amount for tax but it luckily it got delivered to me without any problem. 




Location: Divisoria & Velez St.
Photos: Jamaica Jamora
Photo editing by yours truly.
Edited by Jerve Mae Padayhag

You can visit Chic Boxroom for other thrifted clothes here: Chic Boxroom

You can also order the bag here: JUST STAR Multicolor Casual Small PU Backpack

Thank you once again to Style We for giving me this opportunity. Thank you to my readers and for those you still haven’t subscribed yet please do and follow me on my social media accounts (@queenalixandrea) as well. Don’t forget to follow Style We on Pinterest and you can check out clothes and bags on their website here.

Watch out for my future posts. Ciao!

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