Pink Revolution: Tea and Art with Chingkee


Guess what? Chingkeetea, one of the best tea shops that originated in Cagayan de Oro has finally opened their 3rd branch at Xavier Square!

The unique sweet taste of their milk tea brewed freshly from Taiwan tea leaves became a frenzy among youngsters in Cagayan de Oro for years and for me, no other milk tea around the city is comparable to its taste.

Personally, it’s also one of the places where I want to bring my friends from outside the city for a visit because of the creatively done doll house-inspired interiors that gives off a happy vibe. Aside from that, they serve budget-friendly cheese ramen and of course, milk tea.


Two weeks after the opening of the pink branch, Chingkee held a “guess what movie is this line from” contest on Facebook. Luckily, I won a slot on their mini event, Pink Revolution. Yaaaay because the color’s going to match my new Instagram theme!

It was actually my second time winning one of Chingkee’s contests (perks of being quick). The first one was on her birthday where I won one large milk tea of my choice and this time, I won a slot.

The photo’s still alive! Here’s my forever favorite, Wintermelon milk tea with pearls.

Pink Revolution, for short, is an afternoon of tea and art held 1:30-4pm at the pink branch.

The pink branch (as what people like to call it) looks like this during a normal day.

But for the event, they’ve specially decorated it for us.

The event was basically a mini tea party where they served treats and strawberry milk tea.

We also bonded through art.

Fashionista to artsy real quick and we’re serious.

Tadaaaa! Our work.

What’s more exciting is that, they asked us to wear pink! ?

Horaaaay for new friends! ?

Look what I did here. Locker series!

Happy kid!

Hello to everyone who attended the event.

Drop by the pink branch, have a bowl of ramen and tea! You can also follow Chingkeetea on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you Chingkee and to the people behind the event. It was nice meeting new friends. Not to mention, the four of us have our own chat box.

To my readers, I’ll be forever thankful to you but for now, we say goodbye from our pink outfits to yours! ‘Til next time!

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Sightseer Pinay

Hey, lexie! .. so pink and so cute! 🙂 Stay gorg ..

Alixandrea Olarte

Thaaanks! Ikr? It’s so pink. ?