Mister Donut Relaunches in Davao + What’s New?


As one of the first local on-the-go doughnut brands that you can easily grab as a pasalubong or snacks, Mister Donut finally reopened their Quirino branch in Davao City last March 17, 2017 through the “Unbox the Fun” event. Mister Donut continues to entice Dabaweños to enjoy it’s new inviting look with a cozier ambiance after how many years of serving their costumers.

Aside from the store’s makeover, the brand also launched their trendy new treats as the highlight of their “Unbox the Fun” event. Giving their customers as well as to those who haven’t tried the brand more reasons to have fun eating and staying at their shops.

Mister Donut Relaunching


Because the company is grateful to its loyal customers that they have been serving for more than a decade, the brand introduced new treats so that it can cater more different occasions at their shops in Davao.  Mister Donut in Davao City is the second to launch their newest products.

To give you a clue about these additions, here are the two new treats that selected Mister Donut shops will be serving starting March 2017.

Wicked Puffs

Served hot over the counter, Mister Donut’s Wicked Puffs can be bought at selected shops for 35 pesos where each serving has 6 freshly fried donut puffs. What’s more fun about this is you can decorate it with different toppings that would suit your taste or mood.

During the relaunching, they gave us free samples of the product and these are my 5 personal reasons why I loved Mister Donut’s new Wicked Puffs.

  1. It’s served and best eaten when hot.
  2. Each serving has 6 donut puffs that costs 35 pesos only
  3. You can decorate it according to your preference
  4. It also has varieties of syrup and toppings
  5. Good enough for snacks and a good complement for Brewzees


Brewzees is an addition to Mister Donut’s coffee line. It is a cold beverage that comes in three flavors that would complement the donuts and dine-in meals which costs 70 pesos in one regular size that will surely quench your thirst and satisfy your coffee cravings.

Like the Wicked Puffs, they’ve also given us a sample of the product and here’s 5 of my personal reasons why I loved Brewzees:

  1. It’s affordable
  2. It’s a cold drink which makes it perfect for a hot weather
  3. Whipped cream and choco syrup
  4. I’m not a regular coffee drinker but I loved it because it’s sweet
  5. I can bring it anywhere

Bigger in Size

Aside from Mister Donut’s new treats, Bavarian and Choco Cake Donuts also became bigger in size for just 18 pesos each! It is made to make their customers enjoy their doughtnuts and give more value to money since you can buy them at an affordable price.

Mister Donut has been one of our trusted local doughnut brands in the Philippines and I can’t deny that it has been improving to match a trendy and easygoing lifestyle for Filipinos throughout the years.

If you’re also the type of person who has a strong sense of urgency, then Mister Donut is a brand that will suit your grab-and-go habits and I know that you’ll really love to come and get some doughnuts at their newly renovated outlets.

I promise, the Brewzees is a pretty good match for the hot Wicked Puffs. Also, don’t forget to like their Facebook page (Mister Donut).

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