Trendy Touch-Up Fashion Items for Your Back-To-School Outfit


Last March 12, SM CDO Downtown Premier’s Grand Opening kept the streets so busy during that weekend. It was the weekend that almost every Kagay-anon was waiting for since the newest shopping and leisure spot in Cagayan de Oro opened its doors.

The SM Store specifically the accessories section is one of my favorite go-to’s in the 5-story mall. The new department store’s attractive well-designed interiors as well as their mannequin display right by the entrance made the store more interesting and inviting that’s why my unplanned strolling slash window shopping inside the department store began. The store offers trendy fashion, beauty, home, travel essentials, and many more.


Undeniably, I’m part of the percentage of students who doesn’t like to wear uniforms and I really wish that I could alter them to my desired style. Not that I really hate them because I can still save money by wearing my uniform rather than going on a shopping spree for new clothes. This unplanned post will be perfect for students like me who would want to look extra stylish at least until the school allows us to be in casual wear during the start of classes this June 2017.

We opt to repeat outfits but we can always make them appear different by accessorizing! Here were some of the trendy fashion items I found in the The SM Store during the opening of the new SM CDO Downtown Premier. Of course, I also considered that these should also be wearable in school.



Body chained bags or bags with tassels, fringes or patches are in style this year that’s why I picked the fringe bags and this faux leather patched bags from the brands Parisian and WW respectively. I would definitely use these bags during the first week of classes or even during wash days and on a normal day since it’s pretty, handy, and I can just stuff in my daily essentials in it.





A variety of scarves you can wear around your neck or as a headband/turban on the head. I know that its not going to complement the warm and sunny weather in the Philippines, but if you really want to go all the way, then it’s going to look good even if you’re just wearing basics.



These sunglasses from Sunnies Studios is perfect to protect your eyes from the sun, but of course, you wouldn’t want to wear this inside your classrooms unless if they’re fashion specs. Sunnies Studios even have their own shelf inside the department store and the brand also has a separate kiosk that’s also inside the mall in front of Starbucks.

So that’s it! I know that there are a lot of good finds inside The SM Store in the SM CDO Downtown Premier and these are just some of them. If you haven’t been to the newest mall in town, now’s the perfect time! Don’t forget to drop by and follow them on social media @smcdodowntown on Instagram and Twitter.



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