Café Series: Kopi Factory Adventures


Jaff and I decided to go to Kopi Factory for a café adventure since he usually takes me out on a date in these cozy places practically because I’m a café person and he loves coffee. We match well, right?  Gladly, he doesn’t take me to some hiking trip and let me suffer the scorching heat of the sun.

Not to mention that I’ve been also teaching him recently on how to take photos and how to edit them. I’m so happy that he’s improving that gave me more reasons why I’m letting him take over my Cafe Series on my blog, aside that I’m pretty busy with school and work. I apologize in advance if you find his writing is too formal and if it feels like you’re reading a book at times, just bear with him. ? Well, I still have to tweak parts of his blog posts anyway.

For our the Cafe Series, we randomly picked different cafés around Davao through Google Maps. So for our first stop, Kopi Factory!


Davao Cafe Series: Kopi Factory

Upon first visiting Kopi Factory, the most striking feature is that it looks like a house. The exterior initially makes it feel like you’re going to have some nice coffee or play video games at your rich friend’s house.

Davao Cafe Series: Kopi Factory
However, as soon as you enter through the doors, you are greeted with the familiar café setting of tables and chairs. Mugs, and coffee apparatuses line a row of metallic shelves on your right, and a massive coffee machine on the left.  The interior feels bare bones, but not in a bad way. The aesthetic was simple, and not distracting. The chairs upstairs were metallic, and most of them were pretty tall.

There were barely any people at the time we came in, around 1pm, so it was very quiet.  A perfect place to study. We sat at the second floor which was aesthetically more bare compared to the first floor. The place is so white, so bland, that the most interesting thing there would be the study materials or your laptop that you most likely brought, so you have no choice but to do your homework or office work.

Davao Cafe Series: Kopi FactoryDavao Cafe Series: Kopi FactoryDavao Cafe Series: Kopi Factory
We got ourselves a table, and ordered some coffee. I ordered a hot “kopi” while Andi ordered the iced one, and also a cake for us to share that costs 120 pesos each. After a round of pictures, we finally drank our coffee (thank God). It was really good. Like, so good that I voiced out an audible “MMMMMM”. It was pretty sweet, probably from the special milk, or something. The cake was also incredibly tasty, and for its small size, surprisingly filling.

Davao Cafe Series: Kopi Factory
Their menu was small, probably due to the fact that they are only on their soft opening, which they are so proud to announce, that they plastered the sign all over their walls. They also offer some tea, and a bunch of other cakes and breads.

Davao Cafe Series: Kopi Factory
Overall, the place is a really good café that’s also recommendable not only for students, but also for professionals who’d like to spend long hours doing work.

Kopi Factory is on soft opening. Visit them at Corner, Circumferential Rd, Poblacion District, Davao City. For updates, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Kopi Factory

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