Cafe Series: Weekend at Frog Kaffee

For this week’s cafe, we went to FROG Kaffee, an Austrian inspired cafe located right at Torres! Sadly, we didn’t spend too much time at the place because Andi wasn’t feeling very well. We still had a good time there though.

The cafe has an interesting urban look right when you enter. You can tell that only the hip and cool urban kids hang out here. Which is a lie, because there were some dad looking guys working on their laptops. There are some paintings of baristas on the walls behind the counter making the place look very urban and contemporary. I could feel my shirt grow into a jacket and scarf just from how the place looks.

Despite the “hip and urban” look, they opted to have tables and chairs which look like they belong in your great grandfather’s house. Sitting down, I felt like I was gonna have a meeting with Manuel Quezon or something.  A small glowing ball thing was on our table which was the centerpiece of a bunch of trendy pictures saved in our phones. A small flight of stairs leads into the 2nd floor. Sadly, however we didn’t have a chance to check it out.

Instead, we checked out was the food, which was pretty good. I ordered a Vienna Coffee, and Andi ordered a mango shake.

And for dinner, I ordered an Herb Chicken, while she ordered Carbonara. The coffee was pretty good. The cream on top of it gave it a nice flavor, reminds me of those kopiko or xo candies. The shake was also really good, better than other restaurants.

The chicken was so tender, I could pull the meat off with my fork alone, and it was covered with a thick, creamy white sauce, which the menu says is called “bechamel” (whatever that is jk) and tasted very “herby”. In fact, there was so much sauce, you would think that you ordered a bowl of soup, but it goes well with rice, so I would recommend ordering more rice. The carbonara was pretty bland, but not bad. Like any other cafe, it has a a lot of cakes and pastries, though we might have to go back to try them out.

Aside from food, coffee, and shakes, they also serve a wide variety of alcoholic drinks. Wine, beer, you name, they (probably) have it. From pictures online, it looks like the top area is mainly a bar.

I’ll probably go back there to check it out. FROG KAFFEE is at Torres, in the same compound you can find  Zero82(aka zleaf). You can also check out their facebook. (Also, in case you didn’t notice, FROG KAFFEE stands for Fresh Roast of Great KAFFEE).

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