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2018 iSaver Challenge: Epicurious for the First Time!

2018 iSaver Challenge: Epicurious Gastropub

The beginning of the year means that it is the best time to start doing those saving challenges I see on Facebook probably shared by your moms or titas. However, it might be shocking to see that you can be forced to save upwards of 1000+ pesos by the end of the year! Luckily for us, we don’t have to stop eating at our favorite restaurants, because we can still save with iSaver!

For our first stop, Epicurious Gastropub

The EPICURIOUS GASTROPUB (imagine that being said by a loud, booming voice) is located in the Dover building at Bonifacio corner P. Gomez Street, right by UIC. The place has a rather interesting name, so I decided to google it. Accrording to Urban Dictionary, Epicurious means “A person who lives life in the constant pursuit of great food, drink, debauchery and open-minded adventure.”. And according to Wikipedia, a gastropub is a traditional british pub that also serves high quality food. Basically, a fancy restaurant and a bar for those wanderlusted souls!

Will there be something EPIC in this Epicurious Gastropub? Let’s find out!

As you can see, the outside looks very striking compared to the neighboring establishments; almost as if the gastropub is screaming: “LOOK AT MEEEE”. The sign at the front greets you as if it’s there to catch the eye and make you wonder: what is the epicurious gastropub? So, the curiosity makes you step in and check the place out. No surprises here, it’s a restaurant!

So, you step inside epicurious as to what this gastropub hullabaloo is all about. Annnd it’s a well decorated restaurant; almost cafe looking. As you can see from the picture below, it looks rather industrial with the ceiling lights and and the beams hanging pretty high over our heads. But it has a charming style of its own. A few couch seats are available to the left when you walk in, a bar to the right, and in the center, standard restaurant tables and chairs. My only gripe was that the lighting is too harsh on the eyes.


They have an amazingv variety of food from filipino dishes to western food to Filipino-Western fusion. With their range of food, it will definitely satisfy your epicuriousity.

Blackened Spare Rib

Price 220

It comes with 3 sauces and it goes best with the spicy one. I personally haven’t tasted it, but andi says it’s pretty good.

Blackened Chicken

Price 190

Although the sauce was very flavorful, the meat was lacking and a bit dry. Maybe they used native chicken? Not sure, but the sauce tastes like a fancy barbecue sauce and I would totally order it again.

Solo Fries

Price 50

Their fries are… unique to say the least. On their own, they have a taste and texture similar to one of those bananas fried in sugar, but without the sugar part. But that didnt stop us from devouring the whole bowl. It was something new yet, tasty. I didnt even bother with the ketchup because the sauces that came with the blackened meals was sooo much better! Worth checking out!

Pitcher of House Blend Iced Tea

Price: 180

Your average house blend iced tea. Refreshingly sweet, but nothing too special.

TOTAL: 460

iSaver Coupon Used: Buy 1 Take 1 Blackened Special (pay whichever is higher)

Savings: 190

How to avail an iSaver Book?

You can simply send me an e-mail at to get a 50 pesos off voucher.

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